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Give yourself a natural face lift - the Ayurveda way

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient self-massage technique that can be carried out daily. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, stimulate muscle tone, improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage, with the overall effect of rejuvenating mind and body. It can be performed on the whole body, or you can massage the face and feet alone and still obtain substantial benefits. Our all natural, 100% certified organic skin care range includes oils and serums that are perfect for massage of both the face and the body.

This simple Ayurvedic face massage can be done in under 5 minutes, and is a lovely ritual to incorporate into your morning or evening routine. Over time you will notice reduced tension in the face, improved circulation and vibrancy, and enhanced muscle tone. Now that's the the best kind of face lift!

Our certified organic skin care range will enhance the benefits you receive from the massage

When you perform the massage, you will need to use an oil or cream to allow the fingers to glide smoothly over the skin. Using one of our certified organic moisturisers for the massage allows you to make it part of your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine each day. Cleansing the skin first with our Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask will remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells. Follow with Pure Hydrosol Toner, and then use a few drops of one of our Beauty Serums or a half pea-size amount of one of our Face Creams to massage the face. This will enhance the absorption of nutrients into the deeper skin layers.

One of the additional benefits of Ayurvedic massage, whether you perform the facial massage or the full body massage, is that it permits you to slow down and take a few meditative minutes to appreciate the wonderful being that you are.

The face massage:

Take a look at our 2 minute video as a guide, and full written instructions are given below.

Repeat each instruction 3-4 times, using a small amount of oil or cream, pressing very lightly and without dragging the skin, as the skin of the face and neck is very delicate.

How to perform Ayurvedic face massage - massage direction.
  • Begin by gently sweeping the palms upwards from collarbone to chin.

  • Placing the tip of your right index finger above the chin and the right middle finger below the chin, slide up the jaw line to the right ear. Repeat on the left side.

  • Use the index fingers to massage from chin to nose along the smile line, then using the palms massage the cheeks upwards from the edge of the mouth to the temples.

  • Place the ring finger beneath the eyebrow where it meets the nose and glide outwards along the eyebrow using a very light touch, following the eye socket around beneath the eye and back to the starting point.

  • Place the index and middle fingers beside each nostril and massage up the length of the nose continuing to the middle of the forehead.

  • Using the middle and ring fingers of one hand, massage from the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows upwards to the hairline.

  • Using all 4 fingers of the right hand, sweep the finger from left to right across the forehead, then use the left hand and sweep fingers from right to left across the forehead.

The marma points:

Marma points are energy points similar to those used in acupuncture which can stimulate healing processes. The marma points should be massaged gently in a circular clockwise motion with the middle finger.

  • Finish by massaging each of the marma points below using the middle finger:

    1. Centre of the chin

    2. The corners of the mouth

    3. Between nose and upper lip

    4. The outer corners of the nose

    5. Centre of cheekbones

    6. Lower lids, just above the cheekbones – this skin is too delicate for massage, just press gently

    7. Junction between eyebrows and nose, on the lower part of the eyebrow ridge

    8. Temples

    9. Third eye (6th chakra)

    10. Crown of the head: place hands on crown of head and move back and forth rapidly.

Finally, take a few meditative moments to enjoy the lovely feeling in your skin and appreciate the benefits of feeding it the purest, most natural 100% certified organic skin care! According to Ayurveda, taking care of your precious self, by choosing a diet and lifestyle that suits your own particular needs, and creating balance in all aspects of your life, is the path to a healthy mind and body.

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