How to add the INTENSIVE range to your skin care routine

How to add the INTENSIVE range to your skin care routine

Our newly launched Intensive Range is designed to harness potent ingredients direct from nature to address some of the signs of ageing in the skin. Bakuchiol, found in our Bakuchiol Revival Serum, has been shown to increase production of collagen, reduce areas of abnormal pigmentation, improve skin firmness and reduce the prominence of fine lines. It can also help with acne (read more here).  Kakadu Plum Revival Mask is primarily a vitamin C mask that harnesses the world’s most concentrated source of vitamin C, kakadu plum, accompanied by a range of other anti-ageing botanicals. Vitamin C is known to boost collagen production in the skin, reduce areas of hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin (you can read more here).  

These products work in different ways to target the signs of ageing. They can be used singly or together, depending on your preference. Since they are so new, many of our customers have been asking how to best incorporate the products into their existing skin care routine to make the most of these potent anti-ageing products. Here are our recommendations.

Bakuchiol Revival Serum

This was formulated to be super light so that it could be used by all skin types - acne-prone, mature and everything in between. It should be applied once daily. Because many people carry out a skin care routine morning and night, we recommend using the Bakuchiol instead of your usual Mokosh serum at one end of the day, and your usual products from our core range suited to your skin type at the other. 

Oily skin types 

You should find that the Bakuchiol serum will be sufficient on its own to moisturise your skin. Apply after cleansing and misting the skin with Pure Hydrosol Toner. Use products from our core range for your routine at the other end of the day.

Normal skin types 

During the warmer months, the Bakuchiol serum may be all you need to moisturise your skin at one end of the day. As the weather cools, you will likely need to apply the Bakuchiol first, then layer a cream or one of our serums on top to provide extra protection against the drying atmosphere.

Dry and mature skin types 

At one end of the day, after cleansing, apply the Bakuchiol serum, then layer on top either the Raspberry & Pomegranate Serum or one of our creams. Use your usual products from our core range for your routine at the other end of the day.

Some people prefer to apply their ‘actives’ at night, but it’s not necessary to do so. Personally, I like to use the Bakuchiol serum in the morning after cleansing, as I prefer the feel of a lighter coverage during the busy daylight hours. In the evening, because I have mature skin, I opt for our Raspberry Serum layered under one of our face creams to allow my skin to absorb the nutrition of our core moisturisers overnight.

Kakadu Plum Revival Mask

 This mask is very potent, and because vitamin C can cause redness and tingling in the skin, especially when first used, we recommend you perform a patch test before using: apply to a small area of skin, rinse off and wait 24 hours to check for any redness. Some people with sensitive skin may find this product doesn’t suit them at all.  It should never be applied to inflamed or broken skin . 

We recommend starting very slowly with this mask. Start by using it only once a week for a while, then gradually increase the frequency. Eventually it can be used up to once daily, however using it only once or twice a week will bring benefits. 

One of the conveniences of this mask is that it can be used as your cleanser instead of our Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask, so it can be slipped into your routine easily. It contains fruit acids that will gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove superficial cell debris. After use, you will find your skin lightly exfoliated, and your skin will feel beautifully clear and smooth.

I like to use this each morning as a ‘cleansing’ step. I leave it on the skin for around 30 seconds and then rinse away completely with luke-warm water under the shower. On days when I feel my skin is not up to the ‘intensity’ of the mask, I swap it out with Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask

Actives should be used carefully

 For some people, the actives in our products will be too intense for their skin - in that case, we recommend sticking with our core range which will keep your skin's barrier in its best shape, thus slowing down the ageing process.

If one of the Intensive products is linked to a skin reaction, your should give your skin a rest for a while before returning to it. Our skin changes all the time, as does the reactivity of our immune system. So listen to your body, and give your skin a rest from actives if the time is not right for them. 


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