How to make the most of our multi-purpose certified organic skin care - improving your skin’s health, saving you time and money and cutting back waste! - MOKOSH

How to make the most of our multi-purpose certified organic skin care - improving your skin’s health, saving you time and money and cutting back waste!

A couple of years ago we made the decision to reduce and reformulate our certified organic skin care range, a process we undertook after a great deal of research and consideration and, to be honest, with some trepidation. We knew that the change would likely upset some loyal customers, and letting go of some of our most loved products (remember the Rose geranium Hand Cream anyone?) made it a risky venture. Despite these drawbacks, I knew it was important to take the step. Looking back, the decision may have been in part due to do the ‘Marie Kondo’ effect. I had recently read her best seller, ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’, and after applying the philosophy to the organisation of my house, I believe some concepts also filtered into how I looked at our range.       

Which products are multi-purpose?

Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil. With two functions, this product does what it says. If you haven’t tried oil cleansing, you are in for a treat! It is especially useful for balancing sebum in oily skin. Free of essential oils.

Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask. This product has been a firm favourite with our customers for many years, so all we needed to do when we reformulated was to tweak it a little. The beauty of switching to this cleanser is that you will never need to exfoliate again, as your skin is treated to a gentle exfoliation when you carry out your daily cleanse. Leave it on for a revitalising mask treatment once or twice a week, and you have three functions in one product! Free of essential oils.

Pure Hydrosol Toner. This as a refreshing pick me up, both on your mood and your skin, thanks to the calming, uplifting effects of rose and melissa hydrosols. It acts as a mild astringent and also leaves a fine film of water on the skin, preparing it for application of our water-free moisturisers. Free of essential oils.

Elderberry and Raspberry Beauty Serums. These were formulated to act as very light, yet potent moisturisers that provide excellent nutrition and protection for the face, eye and neck regions, so you can say goodbye to specialised eye creams. Because they are free of essential oils, they are safe for very delicate and sensitive skin. These are stand-alone moisturisers, or can be mixed or alternated with our Face Creams if your skin needs additional protection. Free of essential oils.

Face Creams - Our Rich and Light Face Creams are long favourites, loved by normal, dry and mature skin because they contain our highly nourishing and protective shea butter, together with a range of high potency nourishing oils. Because these two products contain essential oils, we developed an essential oil-free Pure Face & Body Cream for those who can’t or shouldn’t be exposed to essential oils. This cream is particularly versatile as it is suitable for face and body, and is safe for babies, children and during pregnancy.

Frankincense & Orange Body Cream, and Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil. For body moisturising, choose between our more protective Frankincense & Orange Body Cream, and the lighter, more rapidly absorbing Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil. Both of these contain essential oils. If you need an essential oil-free body moisturiser, our Pure Face & Body Cream is your friend!

Essential Oil Free means more versatility

Because we now have a larger range of essential oil free products, our products suit more people. They are safe for the increasingly common sensitive skin, as well as babies, children and during pregnancy. They are suitable for men, and anyone who has an aversion to a particular fragrance type. They also offer the opportunity for you to add your signature scent to them, by mixing your own essential oil blend into the serum or cream as you wish. For safety, ensure the volume is 1% or less, and make sure your essential oil is safe for the skin.

Saving time, money and waste

Because most of our products are water-free, they are highly concentrated, and our moisturisers will last up to 5 times longer than a water-based moisturiser of the same volume, meaning less packaging waste and better value for money. Because a move to our range means you can buy fewer products, there is less chance that they will be wasted. We also recommend you make the switch to bar soap, and ditch the liquid soap as we have (read about that here), to cut back your consumption of single use plastic and further reduce packaging waste.

Where to from here?

Although we package all our products in glass and paper, we still have to use plastic lids and pumps to ensure leakage doesn’t occur. Our lids are a mixture of plastic and aluminium. Ideally we would remove plastic altogether, or switch to a plastic that is compostable. We’re still looking for that elusive compostable lid. I sometimes ask myself why would we send humans to Mars when we still don’t make all our plastic compostable?

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