Loving Skin Routines To Boost Self Care

Loving Skin Routines To Boost Self Care

Often, the hardest part about a self care routine is finding the time to do it. It’s easy to convince ourselves that our time is better spent helping others achieve their goals. But, according to the Black Dog Institute, taking time out to rejuvenate our minds and bodies not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety but also makes us more effective. 

So, a win for you is a win for those around you.

We’ve put together a list of deeply nourishing and relaxing skin care rituals to boost mindfulness, meditation, and appreciation for yourself.

Renewing Mask


  • Take 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask powder and add sufficient water to make a smooth paste. 

  • Gently massage the face using small circular motions, avoiding the eye area. 

  • Leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. 

  • Follow with the Pure Hydrosol Toner and a Mokosh moisturiser of your choice. 

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Regular foot massage helps restore energy to mind and body, and brings awareness and gratitude for the work your feet do for you every day. As this is a self-massage, it is easiest to start with one foot, then move to the other.

  • Pump a small amount of our Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil into your hands and apply it to your foot.

  • Using the thumb, massage the point in the middle of the arch on the underside of the foot, with a circular, clockwise motion.

  • Using the thumb, massage the middle of the fleshy part of the underside of the big toe.

  • Massage the underside of the first joint of each toe, then pull from the base to the tip of each toe.

  • Massage the top of the foot in the groove between the big and second toes, using both thumbs, working from the base of the toes towards the ankle

  • Using both hands, massage from toes to ankle, top and bottom of foot.

  • Using both hands, massage the ankle joint clockwise, on the front, back and sides of the ankle.

  • You may wish to dab your feet with a towel to remove excess oil before getting on with your day.

Cleansing Face Massage

Perform this five-minute massage using our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil. With each direction below, take one or two drops of oil onto the fingers of each hand, or sufficient to achieve a smooth glide of the fingers across the skin. When massaging face and neck, use a very light touch as this skin is very delicate. Each instruction should be repeated 3-4 times. When finished, remove excess oil using a warm cloth.

  • Neck – with both palms, lightly massage upwards from collarbone to chin.

  • Chin – place the index finger of the right hand in the cleft above the chin, and the middle finger beneath the chin. Slide the fingers up the jaw line to the right ear. Repeat on the left side using the left hand.

  • Cheeks – use the index fingers massage from chin to nose along the smile line, then with the palms massage the cheeks upwards from edge of mouth to the temples

  • Eyes – place the ring finger beneath the eyebrow where it meets the nose and glide outwards using a very light touch, following the eye socket around beneath the eye and back to the starting point.

  • Third eye – starting at the side of each nostril, use the index and middle fingers to massage up the length of the nose continuing on to the middle of the forehead, the site of the ‘third eye’ or 6th chakra.

  • Forehead – Using the middle and ring fingers of one hand massage from the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows upwards towards the hairline. Then, using all 4 fingers of the right hand sweep the fingers from left to right across the forehead, then use the left hand and sweep fingers from right to left across the forehead.

Indulgent Hand Mask 

A hand mask gives your hands a nourishing, protective boost and requires only your favourite Mokosh cream, a pair of cotton gloves, and a bit of time. 

Choose the Frankincense & Orange Body Cream for an aromatic experience or the Pure Face & Body Cream if you have sensitive skin.

  • Apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your hands and massage it into the skin. 

  • Slip on the gloves and leave them on for 20 minutes or longer. If you wish, you can leave them on overnight. 

  • While you wait, take the chance to lie down somewhere quiet and peaceful. With your hands occupied, it is the perfect time to be screen-free. 

We’d love to hear your favourite ways to unwind with Mokosh. Tag us or send us a message @mokoshskincare on Instagram.

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