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Making 'The Mokosh Ritual' Part of Your Self Care Routine

The Ayurveda Approach to Health

In Ayurveda, health is achieved by creating balance in mind, body and soul, while disease is believed to be due to an imbalance in one or more of these areas. In today’s world, one of the greatest causes of imbalance is stress. We feel the pressure to be more and achieve more - and it’s easy to feel that we are not enough in some way. Chronic stress can lead to conditions ranging from anxiety and depression through to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and a compromised immune system. What’s more, there is evidence that chronic stress accelerates ageing. Performing self-care practices as part of a daily routine is one of the cornerstones of Ayurveda, and the key to defusing the effects of stress. Finding a daily self-care routine that suits us will help us bring forth the lightness of mind we need to live more fulfilling and creative lives and be a more positive presence in the world.

The Many Paths to Self Care

One of the foundations of Ayurveda is the acknowledgement that we are all different - so it’s important to find a routine that suits us. The key is to know ourselves, try many things, choose something that works for us, and keep going.

As we are all aware, some form of exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep are the grounding on which our health is based. However, ensuring a healthy mind sometimes slips down the priority list. We need to learn how to physically relax our bodies, because our mind will follow. In addition, taking charge of troubling conflicts in our lives, those causing anger, resentment or shame, perhaps with the help of a professional, can free our minds. Connecting with nature, engaging in a creative outlet, spending time amongst friends and getting involved in something we’re passionate about can all help to raise our spirits and relieve the inevitable stresses that come our way.

Learning to Love Ourselves is a Key to Emotional Growth

For many people, particularly women, loving ourselves can be a big ask. Accepting ourselves as beautiful beings, without judgement or comparison, can be difficult in a western culture where youth and superficial beauty are idolised. Learning to see the beauty in ourselves, body, mind and soul, despite all the flaws we perceive, will alleviate negative feelings about ourselves, and help us move through the world with courage. It will also help us see the beauty in others more clearly, become less judgemental and more compassionate.

The Mokosh Skin Care Ritual

One way to connect with our bodies and appreciate our own beauty is to take the time to follow a skin care ritual each day. Performing it with the intention of self love and care can help us accept what we consider to be flaws, and to appreciate how fortunate we are to be living in our own unique and precious body.

Self massage

In Ayurveda, the practise of abhyanga, or self massage, is considered an essential part of living a healthy, balanced life. It is best performed before bathing each day, but for maintenance, once a week is still beneficial. We describe how to perform abhyanga here. The full massage takes 25-30 minutes, so if time is an issue, a simple foot massage is extremely beneficial. Our Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil is perfect for performing self massage on the body. Traditionally, self-massage is followed by a bath or shower, and followed by a skin care ritual as follows:


Our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil is designed to remove makeup and perform oil cleansing, while our Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask performs a gentle exfoliation and water-based cleanse. They can be used individually, or one after the other. We recommend learning the effects to your skin of each product, and choose which to use depending on your skin’s needs. Both products are beneficial for all skin types.

Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil contains oils chosen for their ability to penetrate the pores and help dissolve excess sebum, dirt and pollutants, in addition to their high content of omega-6 fatty acids that can help to normalise sebum. Take one pump of the oil and gently massage over the face for 1-2 minutes to permit the oils to penetrate the pores. Remove the oil by pressing a warm water-soaked flannel onto the skin, rinse the flannel and repeat until a comfortable amount of oil is left.

The Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask is made with a blend of herbal powders with a range of beneficial properties that will nourish the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and humectants. It is prepared by taking half-to-one teaspoon of powder, mixing with sufficient water to make a paste, and massaging gently over the skin, neck and decolletage. Remove using a warmed face cloth or under the shower. It will leave the skin beautifully clean and clear, without stripping the skin’s natural oils, and prepare it for application of moisturiser.


Our Pure Hydrosol Toner is made from the aqueous distillates of rose and lemon balm. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help balance sebum and restore the skin’s pH. Both rose and lemon balm have properties that can relieve stress and anxiety and help restore mood. Our Pure Hydrosol Toner forms the perfect aqueous base on which to apply our water-free moisturisers.


All our moisturisers provide abundant pro-vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and a range of other phytonutrients to nourish the skin, slow down the ageing process and support skin structure. When choosing which Mokosh moisturiser is right for you, it helps to consider the protection level each offers. The level of moisturiser required may change from day to day, over the seasons and with age.

Protection Level 1 - for oily skin and the T zone of combination skin, and an eye serum for all skin types. This moisturiser provides the lowest level of protection, but abundant omega-6 fatty acids which are often deficient in oily skin. Omega-6 fatty acids help normalise sebum, maintain a healthy skin barrier and help control inflammation. Elderberry & Chia Seed Beauty Serum

Protection Level 2 - light moisturiser for normal/dry skin, and for combination skin outside the T zone. An eye serum for normal/dry skins. This level moisturiser offers some protective oils as well as abundant omega-6 fatty acids to restore the skin’s barrier and help control inflammation. Raspberry & Pomegranate Beauty Serum

Protection Level 3- heavier moisturiser for normal/dry skin. Contains abundant protective ingredients to provide extra rich barrier properties against the elements. Light Face Cream, Rich Face Cream, Pure Face & Body Cream.

Apply a few drops of Serum or half pea-sized amount of Cream to moist skin and if time permits, perform an Ayurvedic face massage. We call it ‘the Ayurvedic face lift’. This simple 5 minute massage helps stimulate muscle tone, improve circulation, and reduce stress and anxiety.

We hope that using Mokosh products will bring you the peace of mind knowing you are using skin care made using only 100% certified organic botanicals that are safest for your health and for the planet. We also hope that making them part of your daily ritual will give you healthy, glowing skin, as well as a growing appreciation for the wonderful being that you are.


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