The Customers Behind Mokosh - Using Mokosh Skin Care With Sensitive Skin - MOKOSH

The Customers Behind Mokosh - Using Mokosh Skin Care With Sensitive Skin

This is the second in our series of interviews with long-term customers of Mokosh, where they describe how Mokosh has helped them achieve their self-care goals. Here, Cristina describes how Mokosh helped her overcome issues with skin sensitivity.

1. How did you find out about / start using Mokosh, and what drew you to the brand?

Marion reached out to me for some consulting work. After our first meeting, I literally spent hours that night reading all her blog posts, product descriptions, etc. I was so impressed by the brand, product formulations and by her strong ethos. I obviously loved the packaging too. It all looked so gorgeous and offered such a different promise.

2. What were your first impressions of Mokosh? Did you have to make adjustments when you first started using our products?

I’ve been in recovery from an autoimmune disorder and I have a very high sensitivity to chemicals. I’ve tried many natural products, all the big brands and the artisan small ones, lots of them. I wasn’t having any luck and still reacting in some way to all of them.

I started using the cleansing mask, which was a bit tricky in the beginning but left my skin feeling great from day one. Every cleanser I had used left my skin itchy and stretched but this one just felt clean and soft.

Then I fell in love with the Rich Face Cream and the Serums. My skin started recovering so quickly from uncomfortable feelings. It stayed hydrated throughout the day and looked great. It had been such a long search for clean, good products and Mokosh was certainly the answer.

3. Do you make Mokosh part of your daily routine? If so, which products do you use, and can you describe how you use them?

Oh yes, every day. I’ve become a huge fan!

I shower with the soap; love the patchouli one and the fact that I’m no longer buying single-use plastic for liquid soaps. I also use the fragrance-free on my little boy.

Then out of the shower and I spray the Toner on my face, then mix in the palm of my hand a bit of the Rich Face Cream with a few drops of the Raspberry Pomegranate Serum then apply all through and finish with the Coconut and Blackcurrant Lip Balm. I really feel great and my skin has a certain glow right after. I don’t use much make-up but will apply then a little bit of lipstick on top and then patch a little concealer around my eyes. The products are a great base for this type of make-up too!

At night I wash my face with the cleansing mask, I use a cute little wooden spoon to take out a bit, put it in the palm of my hand, then add a little splash of water, mix and apply all through. It does get a bit messy but the effect is so worth it. Then rinse, pat dry, Toner and Rich Face Cream and lip balm again.

Right before bed, I like to apply a bit of the Sesame and Frankincense Body Oil in my forehead, behind my ears and my hands. My Ayurveda practitioner suggested it to ground me and get me ready for a deep night’s sleep. I think it works!

The other product I have around always is the Pure Body Balm. I’ve just come from a long trip abroad and had the balm with me all the time. Dry lips on the plane, nappy rash on my son, skin rashes, you name it. Such a good product too!

4. Has using Mokosh made you look at skincare differently?

Yup. I just don’t trust most of what brands are doing anymore.

Using Mokosh and understanding now how most skincare is based on water and preservatives was a huge eye-opener for me.

Knowing Marion and having spent a good time working with her I am now really aware of how truly committed she is to not using toxins in our bodies and finding solutions that are gentle on our planet. So my purchases feel good, I learn from the brand, I have changed some habits but best of all, they actually work and leave my skin feeling great.

5. What are your thoughts about the effects of Mokosh on your skin?

My skin issues were a daily headache before Mokosh. I was always having red patches on my cheeks; my skin was super dry and felt quite stretched. Every time I traveled I kept testing new products and asking ladies at the stores for help with no luck.

Mokosh has resolved all of that, it feels soft and moisturized and looks great!

6. Do you have any advice for people in your situation/people like you?

For anyone with a really sensitive constitution to toxins or recovering from any chronic illness, I think it’s really important to support the body with good, clean products that don’t put extra stress on our systems.

I would say, find a brand that is truly transparent about the ingredients they use and their formulations (like Mokosh J). I spent so much time and money using ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ products that got me nowhere or had just really good marketing but were, in fact, using ingredients that upset my body constantly.

The peace of mind that comes from discovering a brilliant brand like Mokosh that lives up to its promise is priceless and the products last so much more than the other ones, thanks to the formulations and suggested use.


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