The Customers Behind Mokosh - Mokosh for Young Skin - MOKOSH

The Customers Behind Mokosh - Mokosh for Young Skin

As part of our ‘Customers Behind Mokosh’ series we interviewed Nora, who is in her early 20’s to find out how she discovered Mokosh products and how they work for her.

How did you find out about / start using Mokosh, and what drew you to the brand?

I heard of Mokosh and Marion for the first time from my mother-in-law who loves all things organic.

I was also drawn to the brand from the moment I opened their website and learnt a bit more about their wonderful ethos. Additionally, the “natural” products I was using at the time didn’t seem to make any difference on my skin, so I decided to switch and try Mokosh. As I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious and use products that align with this philosophy, Mokosh seemed like the perfect choice.

2. What were your first impressions of Mokosh? Did you have to make adjustments when you first started using our products?

It was love at first sight! I loved the simple, recyclable packaging and the delicate smell of the products. The only adjustment I had to make when using the products would be the amount of product I apply. It took a bit of time to get used to only having to use a half-pea size amount, as with Mokosh a little goes a long way!

3. Do you make Mokosh part of your daily routine? If so, which products do you use, and can you describe how you use them?

I use Mokosh every day and can’t imagine going without. At night I start my routine with spraying a few drops of the Mokosh make-up remover to a cotton pad and cleaning my face and neck. After cleansing my skin, I rinse with warm water, dry it and apply a tiny bit of the Pure Face and Body cream, which my skin soaks up immediately. I also use the Facial cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask at least twice a week.

4. What are your thoughts about the effects of Mokosh on your skin?

It is hard not to speak in superlatives when talking about the effects of Mokosh products on my skin. Before finding Mokosh, no matter what I tried, my skin seemed lifeless and unbalanced, I was often struggling with redness and breakouts. You know the feeling when something is up and down, but at the end of the day just doesn’t feel quite right? That’s what I felt when it came to my skin. I knew it could be a lot better but didn’t seem to find anything that helped me achieve a lasting transformation. Then I switched to Mokosh and my skin just seemed to be absolutely loving it! Even after a couple of times of using the creams, my skin felt softer and healthier and, in a few weeks, I had the radiant complexion I was longing for years.

5. Has using Mokosh made you look at skin care differently?

Yes. I think when using a brand like Mokosh, with such a strong and powerful ethos, it changes your world a little bit. Just by observing the change in my complexion, I realised what an enormous difference of using the purest organic products on my face and body instead of conventional skincare can make.

6. Do you have any advice for people in your situation/people like you?

Don’t ever think that your skin can’t be improved. Treat your skin and body with the respect and love it deserves and switch to Mokosh!

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