The secret to removing sunscreen from your skin

The secret to removing sunscreen from your skin

The effects of the sun on our skin are well known - damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin resulting in wrinkling and reduced elasticity, patchy pigmentation, and a rough and uneven skin texture. And that’s in addition to an increased risk of skin cancers. Staying in the shade, wearing a hat and protective clothing and choosing the right sunscreen are key to keeping our skin in the best of health while enjoying the glorious summer sun.

The Right Sunscreen

When choosing sunscreen, many are attracted to the convenience and invisibility of chemical sunscreens. Let’s face it, they’re a simple, clear fix. But there are still question marks around their safety, both to our bodies and wildlife (read more here).  The FDA now confirms that there are only two safe and effective sunscreen agents - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (1). We highly recommend that you stick to sunscreens based on these two ingredients.  

Quick, Effective Removal

It’s super important to remove sunscreen completely, no matter which variety you use. Whether physical or chemical sunscreen was applied, the skin’s surface and pores should be cleansed free of all traces of sunscreen at the end of each day. A cleansing oil is the ideal choice - particularly one that does not contain surfactants (detergents) that will also strip your skin of natural oils.

Our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil is formulated to penetrate the skin’s pores and bind with excess sebum, dirt, pollutants and sunscreen, lifting them all away without stressing the skin. Because it is enriched with beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) and other antioxidants, it will also replenish your skin with nutrients that will prevent some of the skin’s damaging effects (read more here). 

Use several full pumps of product and gently massage over the face for a few minutes, then remove by pressing a warm, water-rinsed flannel onto the skin. Rinse the flannel in warm water and repeat until the oil is present at a comfortable level. 

For some, a double cleanse is needed to clear away built up cell debris. We recommend our Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask which will gently remove dead cells that have been shed throughout the day. It will refresh and clarify the skin while delivering water-soluble nutrients to the skin. However, some people prefer to leave this step for the morning routine - we recommend experimenting to find the routine that works best for you.

And so to bed

 Finish your routine as usual, with a skin-soothing toner and replenishing moisturiser suited to your skin type, knowing that your skin will now be optimally supported while it repairs and regenerates as you sleep.

Good night!



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