Streamlining your skin care - streamlining your life?

Streamlining your skin care - streamlining your life?


A key principle behind Mokosh formulations is to deliver maximum nutrition to your skin while eliminating synthetic ingredients and fillers - which we consider to be junk food for your skin. This philosophy has important benefits for skin health, in particular the elimination of preservatives and emulsifiers, both of which are standard additions to virtually all skin care, including organic skin care. 

At the same time, it is important to remember that although the skin on different parts of our bodies varies in thickness, amount of hair, density of sweat and sebaceous glands, as well as other factors, we don’t necessarily need a different skin care product for each part of our body. This is something many of us are not used to hearing, and that some skin care companies would prefer we don’t know.

At Mokosh, we have not only streamlined our formulas so that they are made using only 100% certified organic ingredients, we have also intentionally limited our product range, so that you can take the best care of your skin using only a handful of multi-purpose products. We think long and hard before adding a new item to our range. All products must fulfil a role not already covered elsewhere.

Here we describe our star multi-functional products to give you a feel for how you can streamline your skin care routine - and at the same time maximise the benefits to your skin.

Our star multi-purpose products

 Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil

 Working on the principle that oil binds oil, this detergent-free cleanser dissolves away makeup easily and efficiently. It also functions as a wonderfully gentle oil cleanser. Because it is made using oils chosen for their ability to penetrate the skin’s pores, it will mop up dirt, pollutants and excess sebum, and will also help dislodge blackheads. At the same time it will deliver oil-soluble nutrients like beta-carotene, as well as barrier-fortifying omega-6 fatty acids. After removing the cleansing oil, your skin is left incredibly soft and beautifully hydrated. 


Pure Hydrosol Toner

 This aqueous mist offers anti-inflammatory properties and has a pH of around 5, helping to calm the skin, restore your skin’s acidic pH, and to act as a base on which to apply our water-free moisturisers. It can be used after cleansing as a gentle toner, and as a hydrating skin refresher throughout the day.

Elderberry Serum and Raspberry Serum

 Unlike most serums, which are around 80% water, ours are made with with light, rapidly absorbed oils that are densely packed with nutrition. Just 3-4 drops is sufficient to nourish and moisturise the face and eye area. They can be used as a nutrient-dense serum to layer under your face cream, as an eye serum, and as your sole moisturiser when you want light coverage. Our serums are made without added essential oils so that they are suitable for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. For those who prefer a scented product, your own blend of essential oils can be added.

Pure Face & Body Cream

 When you want to keep it simple, this cream is your gold. As the label says, it is suitable for face and body. In addition, because it is essential oil free, it is your go-to for babies, children, people with sensitive skin and anyone concerned about skin reactions, including the elderly. For those who like to create their own personalised fragrance, this is the perfect moisturiser base to add your favourite essential oil combination.

Hand and Body Oils, Creams and Balms

 Our hand and body moisturisers come in a range of ‘weights’. We encourage you to choose according to your skin’s needs. One or two products should cover all the moisturising needs of hands and body.

Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil - our lightest body moisturiser, rapidly absorbed and ideal for all over daily use.

Frankincense & Orange Body Cream / Pure Face & Body Cream - more lush and more protective due to their shea butter content, these are ideal for drier areas of the body like lower legs, feet, and hands, but may be used all over when the skin tends to be very dry. They may also be used to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Pure Body Balm - our heaviest body moisturiser offering superior protective properties. It has a broad range of uses including as a hand balm for kitchen and gardening, lip balm, for very dry areas like feet and elbows, as a nappy balm, to prevent skin rashes from pressure or friction during sport, and to calm and soothe irritated skin. This product is extremely versatile and always handy to have around. It is suitable for all ages and for sensitive skin types.

Applying the streamlining principle elsewhere

 Keeping your skin care collection to a few high quality, synthetic-free products makes sense, both for the health of your skin and the health of the planet.  It aligns with the ‘buy once, buy well’ philosophy where quality and durability are favoured over clutter and throw-away items. It can be applied to our clothing, food, furniture and cars/bicycles, for a start. In the long term it means less waste and preserves precious resources. At the same time, minimalist surroundings tend to cultivate a calm, clear mindset - a valuable asset in itself.

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