"I have super dry skin and have been using the Face oil, Serum and Rich Face Cream all at the same time. My skin does not seem too oily at all and I seem to be hydrated all day long when I do this. The thing I have noticed the most is that my pores are not clogged at all using Mokosh. I have used so many different products over the years, most of them totally natural or organic, but my skin still became a  bit ruddy and blah and I had clogged pores on my nose. I can't quite explain how my skin is looking after using Mokosh other than to say it looks really pure and vibrant. Please don't ever stop creating these lovely products!!"


"I just wanted to say how much I am loving the Mokosh range of products and wish I had discovered them years ago!  A friend recommended the rich face cream to me and after using it a couple of times I really wanted the rest of the products.  I love the 'pureness' of them and how exceptionally nourishing they are on my skin.  Thanks and I am a convert!"


"I honestly adore your products, so moisturising and my skin has never felt so incredible."


"Lots of people have commented on my skin lately being so glowy. I have normal skin anyway but your products must be putting the final touches on for me!"


"I've never tried such beautiful skincare before in my life. Thank you so much. I have just ordered some more from your website and can't wait to get my hands on them."


"I think your products are the best I have tried so far, not to mention the wonderful philosophy behind their existence. Your products are very luxurious and as such are considerably affordable."


"I am so happy I found your products. This is the best skincare range I have ever used and I am so happy to be only using safe natural products. I am now hooked, it also lasts much longer than regular skincare and keeps my skin hydrated all day. Thank you so much for your product!" 


"I recently travelled through the beautiful Cook Islands and with minimal luggage space I took your beautiful light face cream with me as my only product. It was just perfect, my skin was super healthy despite all the sun, sand and salt water."


“Thank you. I ordered the makeup cleanser after you had sent me a sample of it in another order. It is amazing for removing my eye makeup. I no longer wake with remnants of eyeliner nor dry sore eyes.”


"I am just in love with your products.  I’m a 45 year with changing skin and the Mokosh range has energised my skin like no other product. Your work on organics is truly amazing, keep on inspiring us with your products…"


This cold dry winter on the East Coast has played havoc on my skin with Eczema rearing it's ugly head for the first time . Fortunately I changed my facial routine to Mokosh with amazing results. The Rich Face Cream gave me instant relief & after 3 weeks my Eczema has gone. I love my Mokosh routine & a big thank you to Marion O'leary for her expert guidance & advice.


"Thank you for such amazing skincare - Mokosh has saved my skin without compromising my morals. I had an allergic reaction (my first ever) to some products from another natural/organic skincare range and just 3 days after switching to Mokosh all of the rashes (verging on welts) over my neck and face had practically disappeared. I think I've found my forever skincare haha there'll be many more orders to come!"


I am going to be totally honest with you, I was told recently "If the founder of a brand is true and believes in their products, it trickles down to everyone connected to it". Everything I have tried and tested and nothing comes close to the truth of your products. I wish you health & happiness.


"Mokosh is working wonders for me, and my skin feels and looks amazing! I'm loving the pure face and body cream, and the cleanser is really beautiful. I was originally looking for an Australian made range not tested on animals, and in sustainable packaging. Mokosh is this and so much more, thanks for caring for the world through your products."


I have been using this (Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil) as my cleanser for a month now and it’s the best product I’ve used for cleaning my skin.
I got my daughter who has quite bad acne and black heads to use today. She gently massaged into dry skin for about 3 mins.
The gritty gunk that was removed from her skin and black heads that came out of her blocked pores was 😱 a shock.
She said her skin felt clean and hydrated without being oily.
I got her to remove with a warm Sante by ENJO cleanser pad.
Thank you for creating a beautiful product. I love the whole range 😍


I first tried your products in June this year after coming across Mokosh when searching for organic natural ingredient skin care products. My skin is sensitive to chemicals and and I found that the more rich the product was for my dry skin the larger my skin pores became with more outbreaks.

To say I was sceptical that this would be the same with Mokosh rich face cream is an understatement!

My skin is the best it has been for many years with pores reduced and skin in a much better condition.


I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing product! It's truly second to none and I also appreciate and value your company's ethos. I used to use supermarket brand face creams (which worked OK) and had the attitude of "if it's not broken, don't fix it". But a friend encouraged me to seek out an organic alternative, so I came across Mokosh and WOW! I guess I never realised my skin needed fixing because I wasn't aware of just how good it could look and feel!"


Thank you for these products, my skin has been glowing! I love the rich face cream - deeply heals blemishes and restores moisture. Love the raspberry serum as well, very nourishing.


“The "Rich Face Cream" This is an absolute favourite! If you have extremely dry skin this is for you and you'll see huge results in 1 week I promise! My skin never feels dry when I use this even in the cold, windy winter months, it's sooo protecting. It's very hydrating and feels luxurious to use as a little goes a LONG way and I love that. I have transformed my skin with this cream because it's so natural with it's blend of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids known to build and repair cell membranes and support skin cell nutrition while providing superior protection from the elements! I love letting skin soak it up of a night time and in the morning I look like a doll. Plus I always feel so nourished and pampered like I've had a facial after using this and I can't rave about it enough! It also smells so beautiful and I've gotten so many compliments on my skin while using this..”


"I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your amazing skincare line. I have had issues with my skin since I was 12 (I am now 33), I had managed to get it better in my 20's seeing a French facialist and spending a lot of money on expensive French skin care. However I was still plagued by those horrid blind cystic pimples on my chin, you know the ones that feel like they are so big they should have their own post code and are so sore and swollen. Then I tried Mokosh........firstly your products are beautifully packaged and the samples so generous in their size, I was able to get a good couple of weeks out of the products and really see how my skin reacted. I LOVE YOUR CLEANSER - it was so unusual the first few times I used it being a powder, but I really love it, within 2 or 3 days those dry patches had gone and the lumpiness of my chin has really gone down. I can even see scarring and enlarged pores shrinking. I used the massage techniques from your website and it is so pampering. The Elderberry and Chia Beauty Serum is amazing, I used to always think that I was wearing the wrong makeup as it never seemed to last, but this serum melts into my skin so quickly and makes a great base. My mineral makeup stays on all day and my skin is feeling really balanced."