Plant-A-Tree Campaign


As part of our commitment to give back to the community, we have supported a range of charities over the years. Currently we are focusing on our Plant-A-Tree campaign and supporting One Girl, a charity whose mission is to educate girls in Africa.

Plant-A-Tree Campaign

Since April 2019, we have been purchasing trees from Carbon Neutral and from One Tree Planted.

In the period to April 2024, we have purchased a total of 6886 trees.

Currently, trees are planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor (Carbon Neutral), around 400km north of Perth. The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is one of only 35 globally recognised biodiversity hotspots. The plantings provide habitat for endangered species, restore degraded farm soil, recharge water systems and pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

We continue to purchase one tree with every online order valued at $100 or more. Thank you to all our customers, Australian and international, for supporting our Plant-A-Tree Campaign!

Image thanks to Carbon Neutral
Image thanks to Carbon Neutral

One Girl

In early 2016 we made a commitment to support One Girl, a charity whose mission is to educate girls in Africa.

Since 2016 we have made an annual donation of $1000 to this wonderful charity.

Image thanks to One Girl

Amnesty International's Freedom from Fences Campaign

Like many Australians, we are appalled at the Australian government's policy of detaining asylum seekers, including children, in inhumane conditions, leaving vulnerable women and children unprotected from potential abuse, and without adequate legal representation.The Freedom from Fences campaign sends caseworkers to detention centres where they help asylum seekers gain access to medical and mental health support, and legal advice which helps genuine refugees gain the asylum to which they are entitled.

Read more about the Freedom from Fences campaign here.

Donation: During February and March 2015, Mokosh raised a donation of $381 for the Freedom from Fences Campaign.

Chuffed fundraiser for Steve Marsh's farm

Steve Marsh is a certified organic farmer in Kojonup, WA, who lost his organic certification when GM seeds from his neighbour's canola crop blew onto his farm. Loss of certification meant he was unable to use around 70% of his farm to grow organic crops. He sued his neighbour for compensation but lost the case in 2014, and was ordered to pay court costs of over $800,000, which would have meant selling his farm. If Steve had not sued for compensation, it could have heralded the end of organic farming in Australia, since any contamination of an organic farm by GM seeds would likely result in loss of organic certification. This also means that those who wish to avoid eating GM food would no longer be able to do so, since certified organic food is currently the only non-GM source. Steve Marsh appealed the decision in March and is awaiting the outcome.

Read more about the fundraiser here.

Donation: In November and December 2014, Mokosh donated a percentage of sales to the Chuffed fundraiser to help pay court costs, raising $754 for the cause.

Gratitude Soap

In late 2015 we created a product solely for the purpose of fundraising, called Gratitude Soap. Mokosh donated $0.50 to One Girl for every bar of soap sold. In January 2016 we made our first donation of $279 to One Girl.

Donation: $279

Living Positive Victoria

For 3 years, Mokosh was proud to be part of Living Positive Victoria's Christmas hamper appeal which supports people living with HIV, which donated 90 hampers this year. Each year we donated bars of our organic soap bar for the hampers.

Living Positive Victoria

The Orangutan Project

Mokosh is proud to have been a Green Partner sponsor to The Orangutan Project (TOP) the 3 years from 2013-2015.

We chose The Orangutan Project because they support conservation of orangutans by helping protect rainforest, and by supporting rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans to the wild, working in partnership with local communities.

Their activities have flow-on effects which help protect other critically endangered species, such as the Sumatran tiger, elephant and rhino, as well as indigenous communities.

Protection of rainforest is a vital part of the work carried out by helping prevent illegal logging, land clearing and wildlife crime on Borneo and Sumatra.

Read more about the work done by TOP on

Donation: minimum $750 annually

Nav Jagriti

During 2014, I travelled to India with Inspired in India, and visited Nav Jagriti, an organisation set up help educate children living in a Delhi slum. Without assistance from Nav Jagriti, the children would have no access to education, and would spend their childhoods collecting rubbish for sale to help support their families. Read more about the Indian trip here.

Donation: $500 was donated and used to buy school bags for the children and rugs for the centre, so that children would not have to sit on the cold floors during winter.

Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal

During May 2015, Mokosh raised $500 from sales which was donated to the Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal. The Red Cross is one of a number of charities providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the devastating April 25th earthquake.

Donation: $500

The Thin Green Line Foundation

The Thin Green Line Foundation is an Australian-based charity set up to protect, train and equip park rangers working with some of the world's most vulnerable species and habitats. It has been estimated that more than 1,000 park rangers have been killed while protecting wildlife in the past 10 years, by poachers and armed militias. The Thin Green Line provides support to rangers working in developing nations and conflict zones by providing equipment, training and financial support to rangers, and financial support to widows and orphans of park rangers killed carrying out their work. We found out about The Thin Green Line after watching Australian Story's inspirational feature on founder Sean Willmore. Watch it here.

Donation: During April, 2015, Mokosh was delighted to raise $608 for donation to The Thin Green Line Foundation.