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We're delighted that you're taking the time to get to learn about Mokosh organic skin care products!

Each video is around 2 minutes long, and we invite you to dip into them in whatever order appeals, or whenever you need to refresh your memory.

And if you get stuck at any time, just ask us! Send us an email at and we'd love to help you out.

Welcome to Mokosh

Meet Marion, our founder and CEO, learn about the founding of Mokosh and the values and principles that guide us.

How to Identify Your Customers' Skin Care Needs

Learn about the different skin types, how to conduct a skin-match consultation, and the common questions your customers may ask.

Caring for Dry Skin

Learn about the causes and needs of dry skin, questions your customers may ask, and our recommended day and nighttime routines

Caring for Mature Skin

Why does our skin age? At what age should you start an "anti-ageing" routine? We dive into the science, provide routines, and answer common customer questions.

Caring for Sensitive Skin

What causes sensitive skin? Are there common triggers? How can you offer your customers a routine that promotes rebalanced, nourished skin?

Skin Care For Pregnancy, Babies & Children

During this special time, the body undergoes a huge physical and hormonal transformation. Learn how to treat it with care.

Caring for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Learn about the unique characteristics of this skin type, common misconceptions, and hero products to help nourish the skin.

Caring for Normal Skin

What does "normal skin" mean? And why does it still need skin care?

Caring for Combination Skin

How to recommend products to customers when they have both dry and oily skin, or oily and normal?

COMING SOON: Glossary of Skin Care Terms

An alphabetical list of all the most important skin care words and phrases.

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