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The Customers Behind Mokosh - Mokosh Skincare is for Men Too!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we felt it timely to talk about how Mokosh skin care can work for men. Men’s skin needs the same moisturising nutrition and protection as women, and because so many of our products are essential oil free and have unisex fragrances, a lot of men are drawn to our brand. We asked Jesse, a long-time user of Mokosh, how the products work for him.

1. How did you find out about / start using Mokosh, and what drew you to the brand?

I discovered Mokosh at my local health food store when I enquired about a natural moisturiser that I could use to hydrate dry and sun damaged skin. I was fascinated by the uncompromising purity of the products.

2. What were your first impressions of Mokosh? Did you have to make adjustments when you first started using them?

Because of the concentrated nature of the products, I found that I had to dramatically reduce the amount I would usually apply. I also tried a few different products to find the best compatibility for my skin.

3. Do you make Mokosh part of your daily routine? If so, which products do you use, and can you describe how you use them?

In the evenings before bed or after shower/bath I currently use the Sesame and Frankincense oil for body and the Pure Face/body cream for face. In the day I use the Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil for face as I have found that my skin absorbs the oil a lot faster.

4. What are your thoughts about the effects of Mokosh on your skin?

Due to regular sun exposure and dehydrating work conditions my skin became very dry and damaged. Since using Mokosh I have found that my skin has largely recovered and looks/feels much healthier.

5. Has using Mokosh made you look at skin care differently?

Mokosh has given me great insight into all the hidden nasties that go into a lot of other products, even organics. Mokosh is proof that you don’t have to cut corners or get sucked into false marketing claims of miracle transformations. I never gave much emphasis to skin care previously; however, I feel fortunate to have found a great local product that actually helped me appreciate my health a little more.

6. Do you have any advice for people in your situation/people like you?

Recognising that it is difficult to look past the fancy packaging and promotional efforts of other skin products, which quite often feel great on application, I would encourage more people to try and, in some cases, persevere with Mokosh. For the price, quality and purity of ingredients you are investing in long term rewards for your skin, ethical business and respect for the environment.

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