A Love Letter to Women We Admire

A Love Letter to Women We Admire

In the lead up to Mother’s Day 2022, I've been thinking about how many incredible and creative women live in our little part of the world. Through their work, their projects, their passions, their businesses, and their loving interactions, they benefit those around them in subtle yet invaluable ways.

There are more special women in my life than I can write about here, so for now, here are three Western Australian mothers who have touched my heart recently...

Dee Kawai Tang - The ‘Love Is.’ Book

I came across beautiful Dee and her book, ‘Love Is.’ at the Kawa Heart Studio where we were doing a Mokosh photoshoot. Described as ‘a grownups book disguised as a kids picture book’, for me this simple, light-hearted but profound work was a reminder that love is always around us. As soon as you open 'Love Is.' you will see that the words and pictures come straight from the heart. I’ll treasure this book. It’s transforming.

You can find it here. Photo via  Kawa Heart Studio The Love Is Book

Trish Bygott - Bukeshla 

Makers and artists Trish and Nathan’s Bukeshla is a design house and an icon of Fremantle’s Wray Ave. When I first walked into Bukeshla, it was like going back in time. A sewing machine, sometimes in use, sits usefully in the middle of the shop floor, surrounded by beautiful hand made linen garments, some part finished so they can be tailored to the buyer’s body. In unexpected places you will discover little stitched fabric samples or simple everyday objects displayed just because they are beautiful. The shop window is always a work of art, in fact the whole shop is a work of art. 

Trish runs regular in-house intimate workshops upstairs where she teaches you to create your own stitched masterpiece, while exploring the healing nature of stitch. From here you can graduate to the Stitch Lounge where Trish offers continued guidance. I love Trish’s generosity in the sharing of her skills in this loving and meaningful way.

Once you’ve experienced wearing these slowly manufactured, thoughtfully created garments, you’ll never be tempted to buy fast fashion again.

As one customer commented: ‘That’s what I love about your garments. I can feel the hands that my garments have passed through. They are very special.’

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Sarah Bell - Stackwood

In 2016 Sarah took on the project of converting a diesel mechanics workshop in Fremantle into a community hub. Carefully overhauled with natural materials, it has been transformed into a beautifully light, airy space. It houses 4 artist studios, an indoor plant and lifestyle store and a cafe. The huge light-filled hall has become an event space for functions, weddings and community events. The locals are blessed with a thriving series of workshops - in gardening, cooking, pottery, wood carving  and many others. In addition, Stackwood hosts an annual ‘Made Local’ market and, more recently, the Freo Repair Cafe where you can get expert help learning how to fix broken items.

Sarah’s vision has generated a treasure for the community -  a meeting point for creatives and for anyone wanting to reconnect with crafts, old and new. 

Photos by @raefallon for @stackwood



We'd love to know: what women are inspiring you in your local community? Can you recommend any businesses or mothers that are doing great things? Happy Mother's Day 2022 from the Mokosh Team <3

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