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Good Hair Days the Ayurveda Way

For hair to be strong and beautiful your body needs to be in a state of homeostasis and receiving the nutrients it needs. Factors such as trauma, stress and anxiety affect our hair because they reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the scalp.

Hair growth begins beneath the skin surface in a little bulbous structure called a follicle. There, a clump of cells called the papilla produce the keratin, a specialised protein, which becomes a shaft of hair. The growth and health of every hair depends on these papillae receiving rich supplies of oxygen and nutrients. When circulation to the scalp is reduced for any reason, the papillae receive fewer nutrients and less oxygen, and hair suffers.

Scalp massage is one of the most beneficial treatments for maintaining beautiful hair. In Ayurveda, scalp massage is traditionally carried out daily but benefits are gained by performing massage only once a week. Oils have been traditionally used for nourishing and feeding the scalp to assist in restoring and maintaining healthy hair and condition.

In Ayurveda, scalp massage involves using oils to massage the marma points on the scalp which are considered to connect and stimulate health in other body regions. Traditional Ayurvedic oils, preferably certified organic, like coconut, sesame, neem and hemp, and other hair restoring oils like macadamia, argan and rosemary, can be used alone or blended to create a nourishing treatment. Our 100% certified organic Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil combines sesame, avocado, hemp, baobab, and black cumin oils, with the essential oils frankincense & rose geranium, and makes a beautifully nourishing and fragrant hair oil

Practiced regularly, the following procedure will bring a beautiful lustre to your hair and long-lasting health benefits.


i) Apply oil to the whole scalp by parting the hair in sections.

ii) Massage the oil into the scalp then gently tap the head all over with the pads of the fingers

iii) Gently pull small tufts of hair from the roots and twist firmly a few times

iv) Place a finger on point 1 (see diagram) and massage in a clockwise motion for 20-30 seconds, moving skin firmly over the bone.

v) Repeat the procedure with points 2 and 3 (see diagram).

vi) Comb the oil through the hair

vii) For best results leave the oil at least an hour, covering with a shower cap and a warmed towel. In Ayurveda, oil may be left in for days!

viii) Wash the oil out of the hair using shampoo or soap. In Ayurveda, conditioners are not considered healthy for hair as the build-up tends to trap dirt and block hair follicles. A cider vinegar rinse is a great alternative.


In Ayurveda, this traditional scalp massage is considered to:

- Promote hair growth and health, promoting a glossy shine

- Relieve tension in the neck and back

The marma points 1,2 and 3 are considered to be connected to the pituitary and pineal glands, helping to regulate hormone secretions, helping reduce stress, regulate blood pressure, and enhance the mood.

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