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How to save the world without telling anyone

Wondering how you’re going to find time to begin your own save-the-world campaign, organise that protest march, or hold a fundraising event to support the cause dearest to your heart? There is an easier way. Saving the world with your wallet is the quieter, money-where-your-mouth-is method that can have a big impact.

1. Buy Fair Trade

Products bearing the Fair Trade logo support workers receiving a fair wage for their work, communities gaining better access to education and healthcare, and prevents child labour. Rights we take for granted become a possibility in the world’s poorest communities.

2. Do not buy products containing palm oil


Demand for palm oil as a cheap vegetable oil is resulting in the rapid destruction of rainforests in south-east Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. The effects are catastrophic - loss of habitat, mass species extinction, increased greenhouse gas production, exploitation of labour and a humanitarian crisis due to displacement of indigenous communities. Palm oil derivatives are found in virtually all packaged food, most cosmetics, all shampoos and conditioners, and most detergents.

3. Buy certified organic when you can

Certified organic farming enhances biodiversity, boosts resilience and creates a more sustainable ecosystem.

If your ideal world is one where humans and nature coexist, you need to support organic farming by buying certified organic. Recent studies show organic food is also more nutrient-dense than conventionally farmed food. An extra bonus is your body doesn’t have to deal with toxins meant for weeds and insects.

4. Don’t buy it

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. The simple living movement advocates buying second-hand goods, minimising car use, buying local, reducing meat consumption and growing your own food. These actions mean reducing negative environmental impacts, and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t have time? For most people, simplifying your life means a drastic reduction in spending, meaning hours spent earning can shrink accordingly.

5. Give

Your time and your money are powerful assets - both have the power to make big differences in the world. If you don’t have money to donate to your favourite cause, donate some time instead. For ideas go to this site . We think you will find something to inspire you to great things!

At Mokosh, we try to incorporate these ethics into the way we run our business. A number of our key ingredients are Fair Trade. Our skin care contains 100% certified organic ingredients. We are one of the few skin care brands that is completely free of palm oil and its derivatives. We use glass and paper packaging to reduce the plastic burden on our planet. We donate a portion of every sale to One Girl , a charity whole mission is to educate girls in Africa. We love supporting businesses with similar philosophies to ours. Don't forget that many people making many small changes can truly make a difference!

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