4 rituals for the ideal transition into spring

4 rituals for the ideal transition into spring

In Ayurveda, the transition to spring is an important time for our overall health. It is the time to shed our slow, dormant winter mindset and prepare ourselves for a period of regeneration and new opportunities.  Here are some simple ideas that will help to boost your energy levels, clear your mind and spark your creativity this spring.

1 . Wake with the sun

No more winter sleep-ins: get up with the sun and try to spend at least 10 minutes each morning exercising outside, enjoying the fresh spring air and observing the changes in nature. This will help to reset your body clock and banish feelings of sluggishness. Try not to nap during the day at this time of year - it will improve the quality of your night time sleep.

2. Cleanse

Body - Spring is the ideal time to clean up your diet. Start by eliminating alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods and increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. A clean, synthetic-free diet will deliver many health benefits and boost your energy levels. 

Home - The classic home spring clean creates better energy in your home, especially when combined with decluttering. We love the Marie Kondo approach to decluttering and organising. Keeping your home toxin-free is important: we recommend making your own natural cleaning products like those outlined in this article. Alternatively,  purchasing natural products with beautiful scents like those from Koala Eco will keep your home free of toxins and leave it smelling beautiful.

Mind - Clarifying your mind with a daily meditation practice is transformative. There are many free apps available like Insight Timer and Smiling Mind. If meditation is not for you, try journalling or mindful walking or any other meditative practice. Whatever method suits you best, making a regular habit of it will bring enormous rewards.

3. Increase your self-care 

We love dry body brushing to exfoliate and energise the skin followed by abhyanga, or self massage with our Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil.  Add our Ayurvedic Face Lift to your routine and you will soon feel 10 years younger!

4. Move your body

After winter, we may feel sluggish and less alert. Now is the time to get back to your favourite form of exercise and make it a priority. Yoga, gardening, a brisk walk in nature, a bike ride or whatever form of exercise lifts your spirit is ideal. We know that keeping our bodies moving will improve overall health and reduce the risk of many diseases. Exercising outside will bring mental health benefits as well. 

Spending time in nature at this special time of year is always time well spent. We recommend taking the opportunity to leave your phone behind, breathe in the aromas, listen to the sounds of nature and soak it all in. 

Image thanks to Carbon Neutral  - the company from whom we purchase our trees, for planting in a biodiversity hotspot in WA.


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