4 Steps to Removing Makeup Like A Pro

4 Steps to Removing Makeup Like A Pro

Sure, detergent-based cleansers and face wipes can provide that gratifying “squeaky clean” feeling... but they're also known to ineffectively remove makeup and include harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural oils. This can leave your skin sensitive, dull, and prone to breakouts. Oil cleansers, on the other hand, provide deep cleansing that nourishes the skin while melting away makeup.

But don’t take our word for it. Experts in the makeup biz, like Laura Mercier, consistently sing its praises: 

"I like to use a cleansing oil, which won't dry out your face… (it) will soften your skin and loosen the makeup, so you don't have to rub like crazy.”(1)

To achieve gloriously clean skin every time, follow these 4 steps: 

1. Eyes

Mascara and eyeliner can be very difficult to remove, especially the waterproof kind. We know, it can be very tempting to scrub at the skin and lashes. But resist if you can because this area is very sensitive and, with the right makeup remover, no scrubbing is necessary. We recommend applying an eye-safe, oil-based cleanser (like our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil) to a clean cotton wipe, closing your eyes, and holding the wipes over your lids and lashes for about ten seconds. Let the oil soak in and dissolve the makeup. As the makeup loosens you can gently wipe away any remaining residue. 

2. Lips

Follow the same steps as for the eyes. Oil cleanser is especially effective at removing those stubborn long-wearing and intensely pigmented colours. 

3. Face

Next up: foundation, blush, highlighter. For heavy makeup or a deep clean, we recommend massaging a few pumps of our Cleansing Oil onto your face using your fingertips. Massage for up to a minute - don’t forget your neck, ears, chin, creases of your nose, and other places that foundation can hide. Wipe away with a warm, damp, cotton face wipe. For lighter makeup, you may prefer to pump the Cleansing Oil directly into a cotton face wipe and glide it around the face to remove.    

4. Remove residue

To finish, take a clean, dry face wipe or face cloth and gently pat away any residual cleanser, water, or oil. Follow with your usual serums and moisturisers. 


 If you’re a makeup lover, you’ll know that well-nourished, healthy skin is the ideal foundation for any look. The secret superpower of our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil is that while it deeply cleans your skin’s pores, it’s also delivering important nutrients that will restore its barrier function and slow down ageingFollow our 5 step routine tonight, and wake up to perfectly prepped, beautifully hydrated skin tomorrow.

(1) https://www.allure.com/story/how-to-remove-your-makeup-2013

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