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The Customers Behind Mokosh - Using Mokosh Skincare After A Health Setback

This is the first in a series of the ‘Customers Behind Mokosh’ where long-term users of Mokosh describe how our skin care has helped them achieve their self-care goals. The first is my beautiful friend Angela, who started using the products after a cancer diagnosis.

How did you start using Mokosh, and what drew you to the brand?

In early 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram. Life then became a blur of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, while trying to keep up with the needs of a busy family and home.

Lucky for me, I am blessed with the friendship of gorgeous Mokosh founder and scientist, Marion, who generously gifted me an array of her Mokosh products to help me through it all.

It was just what I needed - a loving gesture from a friend and potions to make my skin look better and feel wonderful. One of the many “silver linings” of the breast cancer journey has been the kindness and support I have received from special people like Marion.

Marion and Mokosh are always looking to make the world a better place, and having a routine focusing on self-care with such gorgeous, natural products I believe has helped hugely in my recovery from illness, and has definitely made a difference to my life!

What were your first impressions of Mokosh? Did you have to make adjustments when you first started using our products?

I excitedly set out my Mokosh goodies on a little glass shelf in my bathroom, which soon became the centre of my daily self-care routine.

My first impressions of Mokosh products were that they are so beautifully packaged, and they smell so nice! Then, using each product for the first time truly was a revelation. At last I had skin care products that were good for me and did what they were meant to and more!

The main adjustment that I made when first using Mokosh was to go through my bathroom cabinets and throw away every other skin care product I owned, as now I have Mokosh I need nothing else!

Do you make Mokosh part of your daily routine? If so, which products do you use, and can you describe how you use them?

Mokosh forms the basis of my daily self care routine. It is a joy to reach for them, and to enjoy their familiar smell and feel at the beginning and end of my day.

Makeup Remover and Cleansing Oil

Every morning I start with this – it is so great! So easy to use, I spread it over my face before getting into the shower where I massage it in and wash it off. It leaves the skin feeling clean but never oily. I alternate it with the Facial Cleanser, each has its own job.

Facial Cleanser

This is a wonder product; the first time I used it I couldn’t believe how good it is. With a lovely herbal aroma, it cleanses thoroughly without removing any natural oils. It sticks to where it’s meant to, and moves around the face easily and is in no way harsh. Afterwards, it leaves your skin feeling soft and moist and remarkably clean, more than any other cleanser I have used. And there is never any redness of the skin as I’ve seen with other exfoliates.


After a cleanse, the Pure Hydrosol Toner is a gorgeous pick-me-up especially in the morning. With a lovely lemon and rose fragrance it makes the skin feel quenched, and a perfect base to follow with moisturiser. It smells and feels pure compared to other toners that can be like an oily chemical.

Light Face Cream

With its beautiful balmy fragrance, the Light Face Cream never feels greasy. Compared with other cream moisturisers it’s easy to spread; there is no stretching of the skin. It soaks in well and gives the complexion a dewy and moist appearance, which at my age is more than welcome! Following up with a foundation is no problem as there’s no oily feeling.


I use this aromatic serum as a special treat for my skin or when it feels like it needs a bit of extra care. As with all the Mokosh products, a little bit goes a long way, it spreads so easily and never feels sticky on my skin. It just soaks into all the places it needs to.

Body Oil

The body oil has a beautiful fragrance, I sometimes use it just to enjoy the scent! In winter, the oil provides much needed moisture to my dry legs and arms and hands. In summer, I often use it to moisten the skin after a shower, or instead of a hand cream.

What are your thoughts about the effects of Mokosh on your skin?

My skin has never looked or felt better, and the dry, red angry look my skin had before has gone. I no longer need the painful laser treatment I used to have at the dermatologist to remove small red veins on my face.

I now receive compliments on my skin, thanks to Mokosh! It always feels moist and even, providing a smooth basis on which to apply foundation and makeup. Before Mokosh, I often had to contend with flaky dry spots that makeup only made worse.

Perhaps most importantly for me having had cancer, paraben and synthetic free skin products are essential to make sure that I am not exposed to hidden estrogens and to give me the best healing experience possible. Using Mokosh makes me feel I am doing the very best I can to thrive and keep well.

Has using Mokosh made you look at skin care differently?

Over the years I’ve tried many brands of skin care products, usually spending quite a lot on European products. I figured they must be doing what they were meant to, but never really noticed any dramatic improvement in my skin to truly justify the cost. As a result, I was constantly changing brands, always searching for something that works well for me.

Now I have Mokosh, I will never again have to negotiate the bewildering range of other products on the market.

I never feel there is any waste or excess with any Mokosh products; and they’re economical as they last so long.

Do you have any advice for people in your situation?

The main advice I would offer to others facing cancer and concerned about the chemicals that we may be inadvertently taking into our bodies by using skin care products, is to start using Mokosh immediately!

Mokosh gives me complete confidence that I am doing the very best I can to heal, recover, and stay well.

Thank you Marion for giving us products that not only make our skin feel and look great, but also make us feel good about using them. Pure, organic, locally and ethically made without disadvantaging any other human or animal, Mokosh is a beautiful treat for both the skin and soul.


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