How to Make the Most of Dry Body Brushing

How to Make the Most of Dry Body Brushing

Taking a little extra time for self care each morning can go along way to setting you up with a positive mindset for the day. Dry body brushing is a practise that takes only a few minutes, and is traditionally performed just before showering.

Benefits of dry body brushing

Daily brushing of the skin performs a gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin beautifully soft and smooth. It is also considered to stimulate lymphatic circulation, and thereby enhance elimination of waste products. Although this benefit is unproven, you will notice that dry brushing leaves the skin feeling invigorated and may give you an overall energy boost.

How to dry body brush

It is important to use the right amount of pressure. Press too hard and your skin may feel irritated. It’s best to use lighter pressure when starting out to ‘acclimatise’ your skin, and to give yourself time to improve your technique.

As a general rule, brush towards your heart - the same direction your lymph flows, and brush 3 or 4 times over each body part. Use long strokes over long bones, and clockwise circular motions over joints, buttocks and abdomen.

Start at the feet, brushing from toe to ankle, then move up the front and back of the leg. Move onto the buttocks and then the abdomen, using circular clockwise motions.

Next brush each arm, starting with the hand and working up to the shoulder. Then go to the back, as far as you can reach, then the neck, décolletage and upper torso. Finish with circular motions over the heart. 

When complete, shower as usual and enjoy the feeling of your beautifully exfoliated, invigorated skin.

Moisturise your body

Complete the process by applying moisturiser from head to toe onto lightly moist skin.  If you normally skip this part you might want to take a look at our blog that shows how keeping your body well moisturised, using products like ours that build a healthy skin barrier, could be the key to slowing ageing of the whole body. 

You can massage your moisturiser using the same technique (massaging towards your heart) you used for dry body brushing. This is a quick form of Abhyanga, or self-massage, which brings its own healing benefits (read more here).

We love our Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil for this, or you can try one of our body creams - Frankincense & Orange Body Cream or our essential oil free Pure Face & Body Cream.

Possibly the best benefit of dry body brushing

Performing dry body brushing mindfully, focusing on each stroke and paying attention to each body part, can be a moment for centering the mind and connecting with yourself.  The perfect preparation to bring your best self to your day.

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