Is Mokosh skin care for men too?

Is Mokosh skin care for men too?

Because most skin care ranges are marketed for either men or women, many people believe that men and women need different products for their skin. The truth is that there’s not much difference between male and female skin - at least, not enough difference to warrant a completely different skin care range! Fragrance is the main differentiator of men vs women’s skin care - other than that, the formulas are essentially the same.

So the short answer is - yes, Mokosh products are suited to both men and women. However, we thought it would be interesting to look at the important differences between male and female skin, because these differences can mean that some skin issues are more important for men.

1. Men’s skin is 10-20% thicker

Men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s because of higher amounts of collagen in the dermis. Men have more collagen AND that collagen is also more densely packed than in women. It is thought that this difference in collagen quantity and density is due to higher levels of testosterone (1). In contrast, the thickness of the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, is similar in men and women (2).

2. Men and women’s skin age at different rates

 Ageing skin is marked by a loss of collagen from the dermis. Men start to lose skin collagen from around 20 years of age. In contrast, women retain fairly constant collagen levels until menopause, around age 50, when collagen levels start to decrease rapidly (2). For this reason it is important for men to ensure their skin is well nourished and protected from free radical damage from an early age to keep collagen loss to a minimum.

3. Men produce more sebum

 Because testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands, men produce more sebum than women and their pores are generally larger. The higher level of sebum production also means they are more prone to acne than women (3).

Using an acne-preventing cleansing and moisturising routine is therefore very important for men, particularly during the teenage years.

 4. Face shaving can cause irritation

 Shaving can damage the skin’s barrier, which can then lead to irritation and sometimes breakouts. To prevent this, most experts recommend softening and hydrating the hair with warm water before shaving, eg in the shower or by using a warm water-soaked flannel for a few minutes. It’s also important to use a lubricating agent to help the razor glide easily over the skin. Instead of using a detergent-based shaving cream that can damage the skin’s oil barrier, many people find using a high quality face oil as the lubricant leaves the skin softer and less damaged. One of our Serums or our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil are ideal for this.  After the shave, it’s important to apply a good moisturiser, for example one of the Mokosh serums or creams, suited to skin type to re-establish the skin’s barrier.

 Other measures of skin difference

 Measurement of other important skin measures like skin pH, elasticity, and skin barrier function showed no consistent differences between males and females. The most clear differences are those mentioned above, that are caused by the higher levels of testosterone in the skin.

Which Mokosh skin care product for a man?

 When selecting a product, it’s simple - just choose according to skin type using our guide. The only other factor to consider is fragrance - and as always, this is up to personal preference. Many of our products are made without added essential oils, so their smell is determined by the natural ingredients they contain. If you’re not sure, try a sample size or select an essential oil free product to start with. Samples are available for all our products except the soaps and lip balm. 

Some Mokosh love from our male customers:

We love it when men buy our products, and they are some of our most avid fans. Here is a selection of feedback we’ve received from our male customers:

Elderberry & Chia Seed Beauty Serum

 “I have been using 3 drops of this oil serum after a shower or when I shave and it's perfect. This serum is light and easily absorbed, and doesn't leave me feeling oily.”

“I like to use this as either a shaving oil or after shaving, to calm my skin which seems to get dry and angry otherwise. It keeps my skin smooth and stops the reddening and scaliness that sometimes flares up.”

Makeup remover & cleansing oil

 “I was initially a bit dubious about using oil as a cleanser for my skin as sometimes my skin is a little oily anyway but this product works quite well as a cleanser and doesn't leave me feeling extra oily but clean without stripping my skin of moisture. Works particularly well in conjunction with Mokosh’s Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask.”

Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Mask

“Great product. I got a sample of this exfoliating cleansing face mask and I was so impressed with how good my skin looked and felt after using it I had to purchase the full size jar. My skin looks and feels so clean and clear, I love it.”

Rich face cream

 “I am loving using the Rich Face Cream at night time.  I love the thorough moisturising qualities, but my skin does not feel clogged up.  The gentle scent is very relaxing and I sleep better.”

Coconut & Blackcurrant Lip Balm

 “I selected Mokosh Lip Balm after a long search for a lip balm made locally and ethically. It's a wonderful product, I have been using for years and the only problem I have is getting more of it.” 

Pure body balm

"Great for cyclists too!"

Sesame body oil

 "Another product in the Mokosh range that I've been using for 10+ years. Excellent all over the body, even good on face. Use a little and let it soak in, skin feels instantly hydrated."

Sandalwood soap

 "Beautiful. I enjoyed everything about this soap. Ethically made in Australia, simple but beautiful packaging, lathers well and leaves my skin so soft with such a nice smell. I will definitely be buying again."

Full range

 “I have finally found the perfect skincare products! My skin is years younger and in better condition than its ever been! Mokosh's "Rich Face Cream" and "Elderberry Serum" has given my skin a finer texture, plump with moisture and rejuvenated elasticity. Using a "water free" product is certainly the key. I can say Mokosh is the only skincare range that is "water free" as far as I know. Other products just dry up (as water does!). Thanks Mokosh for being my fountain of youth!”


(1) Windhager, S. et al. (2019) Facial aging trajectories: A common shape pattern in male and female faces is disrupted after menopause. American Journal of Anthropology 169: 678-688.

(2) Rahroven, S. et al (2018) Male versus female skin: What dermatologists and cosmeticians should know.  International Journal of Womens Dermatology (4) 122-130

(3) Roh, M. et al (2006) Sebum output as a factor contributing to the size of facial pores. British Journal of Dermatology 155: 190-194

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