The Hidden Value of Concentrated Skin Care

The Hidden Value of Concentrated Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, the Mokosh approach is to do more with less. With a focus on powerful, efficacious ingredients, our formulas offer optimal benefits with minimal waste - of product and money.

What is Concentrated Skin Care?

Conventional skin care formulas contain around 80% water and only 20% beneficial ingredients. Because of their water content, they must also include synthetic ingredients to stabilise the formula.

In contrast, our products are completely free of water, emulsifiers, preservatives, and other additives. This means that each and every ingredient offers a benefit to your skin, and they are up to 5 times more concentrated than water-containing skin care.

Saving Time, Money, Effort

A primary advantage of concentrated skin care lies in the exceptional financial value it offers. You may not realise that each time you purchase a product, you are also paying for transport, customer service, and packaging costs - in addition to the time and effort it takes for you to purchase it! If you buy concentrated, you don’t need to repurchase as often and can significantly reduce those expenses.

Better Return on Your Investment

Regular skin care formulas tend to focus on a single issue and/or part of the body, pressuring you to purchase more products and add more steps to your skin care routine.

Our approach is simpler, yet more beneficial to your skin. In the absence of skin-disrupting synthetic ingredients, our products restore and protect your skin's barrier function - your number one anti-ageing weapon.

Because they are up to 5 times more concentrated, they are far more nutrient- dense. At the same time, our range is streamlined and multi-purpose.

Our formulas are smarter - they do more with less.

Smaller Footprint

Concentrated formulas reduce packaging and shrink our overall carbon footprint. The benefits are passed on to you and the environment. 

Concentrating on What Matters

By prioritising nourishing ingredients and eliminating unnecessary ones, our products offer the best possible results with minimal product usage. By choosing concentrated products, you're making a smart, sustainable investment in your skin care.

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