Tips for making the switch to Mokosh Water-Free Creams

Tips for making the switch to Mokosh Water-Free Creams

Mokosh creams are amongst our most popular products. Like the rest of our range, our creams are not diluted with water, nor do they contain synthetic ingredients like emulsifiers or preservatives. Because they are water-free, you can think of them as concentrates - which means you need to use them a little differently. Here are our tips for making a smooth transition from water-based moisturisers to our highly concentrated and super-nutritious creams.

When you say concentrated, what do you mean? 

 Water-based creams contain up to 80% water. The remaining 20% is made up of oils and synthetic ingredients like preservatives and emulsifiers. It’s the oils that do the moisturising - the water, emulsifiers and preservatives have no benefits for the skin (read more on this below).

In contrast, Mokosh creams are made with 100% oils and plant butters, and so they are around 5 times more concentrated than a water-containing cream. They contain only the important stuff - the pure botanical ingredients that do the work of feeding, protecting and moisturising your skin. 

For this reason, you need to use only one-fifth the amount you would normally use of a water-containing cream. As a general rule, half a pea-sized amount will moisturise your whole face.

So how do I apply your concentrated creams?


 The most important trick is to apply the cream to lightly moist skin. For example, you can apply immediately after cleansing the skin, while there is a thin film of water on it.

Or you can achieve the same effect by misting the skin with our Pure Hydrosol Toner, which offers calming and pH-balancing benefits.

The water on your skin allows you to spread a thin layer of cream on your skin, so that your skin feels well moisturised and beautifully nourished - but not oily. 


It's important to use only a tiny amount of cream. Otherwise you will apply too much and your skin will feel oily. We recommend using a tiny dab - think half a pea!


 Take the cream and warm it on the hands, pat gently onto the skin, and lightly massage until you have a light coverage on the skin.



Some people prefer to dot the cream onto forehead, chin, and each cheek, then lightly massage at each point until you have a light coverage on the skin.

Take a look at our ‘How to Use’ videos for a demo - scroll down to the 4th video to view how we like to apply the creams.

Too oily?

 For first time users, the most common issue is that the skin feels too oily after applying the creams. This means you have applied too much. Simply take a tissue and dab away the excess - and use less next time. Most people take only one or two attempts to get the idea of how little needs to be applied.

The benefits of switching to our water-free, concentrated creams

  • Our creams are concentrates, and last 5 times longer than a water-containing cream of the same volume. Concentrates are more planet-friendly, and they are also great value for money.
  • Because our creams are not diluted with water, their nutrients are far more stable and therefore more active when they come into contact with your skin. 
  • Our creams are free of preservatives, which are potent anti-microbial agents that must be added to water-containing products to stop bacteria and fungi from growing. Preservatives also have the potential to upset your skin’s microbiome which increases the risk of developing long-term skin problems. Read more here.
  • They are free of emulsifiers - these are detergent-like molecules that must be added to water-containing creams to keep the oil and water in a stable emulsion. These emulsifiers remain on your skin until your next wash - and as you can imagine, they can upset your skin’s barrier function. Read more here.
  • Because our products include no synthetic ingredients, we know there is no hidden palm oil in them. Our full range is certified palm oil free with Orangutan Alliance.
  • Likewise, the absence of synthetic ingredients means no industrial processes are needed to create our products. We don’t rely on polluting factories and questionable environmental practices for our formulas. 
  • Switching to Mokosh eliminates the preservatives, emulsifiers, and other synthetic ingredients from your routine. At the same time, it delivers potent doses of pure, skin-nourishing botanicals. These 2 factors combined can make a massive improvement to your skin health, and at the same time help you to reduce your body’s toxic load (read more here).

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