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10 products

Dry skin may be a natural tendency, due to overuse of soap or harsh cleansers, hormonal imbalances, or dietary deficiencies. It may also be a result of accelerated ageing from exposure to UV light or pollutants. 

To rebalance your skin, provide it with deep nourishment and avoid skin stressors. 

Many common skin care ingredients can actually trigger dry skin flare ups, including:

  • Detergent-based cleansers
  • Preservatives like alcohol 
  • Harsh exfoliants 
  • Synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers

Other causes of dry skin include environmental factors, like cold weather and harsh winds, and health-related factors, like hormonal changes or autoimmune disorders.

Sensitive skin needs rebalancing with gentle yet deeply nourishing formulas.

Mokosh certified organic skin care offers:

  • Gentle, detergent-free cleansing
  • Calming, alcohol-free toners
  • Nourishing serums
  • Rich, protective, water-free creams
  • Fragrance-free options