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4 products

Why Choose 100% Certified Organic for your Baby?

When selecting skincare for your baby, it’s important to have complete confidence in your product choice. We make it simple for you. At Mokosh, all our products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients. We also have a synthetic-free policy, which means our products are completely free of the preservatives and emulsifiers that can upset the skin's important barrier function. These synthetics are added to virtually all skin care - even organic and natural skin care brands. Because a baby's skin is very thin and permeable, it will very readily absorb toxins. For this reason, we believe Mokosh is your safest choice.

Look after their skin early

When formulating our baby skincare products, our priority is to protect the skin with nourishing formulas, while avoiding skin-disrupting synthetics that can harm the skin's barrier.  

All our baby skincare products are made with deeply nourishing botanical ingredients in concentrated formulas. This means only a small amount of product needs to be applied in order to deliver a generous dose of nutrients to your baby’s skin.

For a rich, protective moisturiser and to soothe mild irritations, choose our Pure Face & Body Cream which includes our highly nourishing shea butter together with a range of healing and soothing botanicals.  

For the nappy area, our multi-purpose and highly protective Pure Body Balm is ideal for soothing and protecting this delicate part of the body.

We believe that soaps and detergents should be reserved for the nappy area, and washed off completely after use. For this, we have created a fragrance-free organic olive oil soap that will cleanse the skin without stripping away protective oils. Follow with our multi-purpose Pure Body Balm to protect and restore this delicate area.

Join the zero waste movement

From our sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and delivery, we strive to consider both ethics and sustainability. 

Many of our baby skin care products include fair trade ingredients, we package in glass, while soaps are wrapped in recyclable paper. The full range is certified palm oil free with Orangutan Alliance and accredited cruelty free with Choose Cruelty Free.

We also run a Container Return Scheme in which we ask our customers to return the jars, pumps and lids that were used for their products. Plastics will be fully recycled with Terracycle and we wash, sterilise and refill jars.

Discover our baby skincare products online

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Explore our entire collection today and if you have any questions about our revolutionary baby skincare products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.