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5 products

Why we Think You'll Love our Bar Soaps made with Certified Organic Botanicals

We love our completely natural bar soaps. All three are made with certified organic base oils. One is fragrance free and two are fragranced with pure essential oils.

Our Organic Olive Oil Soap is the mildest soap on the planet - full of moisturising glycerin and free of essential oils. It is suitable for babies and anyone with sensitive skin, and leaves the skin soft, moist and gently cleansed.

Our two fragranced soaps are made with a base oil blend of olive oil, coconut oil and cacao butter, which create a beautiful luxurious lather. The fragrances will transport you to another place. Sandalwood with Geranium & Cedarwood has a deep warming scent, while Rose geranium, Patchouli & Mandarin will uplift and soothe. These soaps make the ideal luxurious gift to yourself or to someone special.

Palm oil free soap

When we started making soaps around 15 years ago, nearly all soap was made with palm oil or palm oil derivatives. We took the decision right from the beginning that palm oil would never be included in our products - neither in our soaps, nor as a hidden ingredient in our skin care products.

As time has passed, the devastation caused by land clearing for palm oil has worsened, even as our planet struggles to cope with the loss of biodiversity and increased carbon emissions. We encourage you look for producers and retailers that have taken the decision to remove palm oil from their products and their shelves. We don’t need it, and our planet can’t afford it.

Why bar soap is infinitely superior to liquid soap

One word - plastic. Bar soap can be purchased plastic-free, while liquid soap is just another way to create single use plastic that is hard to recycle on a plastic-choked planet. What’s more, bar soap is just as effective at killing microbes as liquid soap (they’ve done the study to prove it) and more effective than hand sanitiser at killing most viruses. So be a proud bar soap user - just make sure it doesn’t contain palm oil!