Why We Renamed Our Pure Face & Body Cream

Why We Renamed Our Pure Face & Body Cream

Our Pure Face & Body Cream is now the "Everybody Cream"

Our Pure Face & Body Cream has been one of our most popular products - its purity has made it the go-to for anyone with skin sensitivities, fragrance intolerances, during pregnancy, and from the youngest babies through to advanced age. 

Like all our products, it is made without synthetic ingredients such as preservatives and emulsifiers. In addition, it is free of essential oils, which means it includes no added fragrance, making it the ideal product for people with sensitivities and intolerances. It is made from the purest certified organic botanical ingredients, and because it is water-free, it is highly concentrated - around 5 times the concentration of typical water-based skin care. 

Because it can be used for both face and body, our customers love it for its purity, versatility and ability to calm and restore the skin. For many, it is a great relief to discover at last a moisturiser that doesn’t cause irritation and leaves the skin feeling plump, healthy and glowing.

As part of our packaging upgrade across our range, we are now presenting this cream in a high quality, 100ml Miron jar and outer cardboard box. At the same time, we have decided to change its name from Pure Face & Body Cream to Everybody Cream.

Why? Because we felt the name was more fitting to its status of being suited to everybody. The formula is completely unchanged, and the volume remains the same generous 100ml size.

We introduce this name change and upgraded packaging concurrently with our newest product: Skin Saviour Cream.

This new cream is every bit as pure as Everybody Cream and fills a gap in our range - read more here.  Below we outline how the two products complement each other and how they can slot into your routine.  

How do Skin Saviour Cream and Everybody Cream work together?

1. Skin Saviour Cream is a lighter, more nourishing cream

    For many, Everybody Cream works beautifully as both a face and a body cream. For others, the Everybody Cream is too heavy for the face.

    Until now, those who found the Everybody Cream too heavy for the face, yet still needed an essential oil-free moisturiser, used one of our essential oil-free Serums - the Elderberry Serum, Raspberry & Pomegranate Serum or Bakuchiol Serum.

    The Skin Saviour Cream is very light in texture yet super-nourishing. It has a high concentration of nutrients, on par with our highly nutritious Rich and Light Face Creams, but without the essential oils. 

    Skin Saviour Cream offers an additional choice for our growing number of customers with sensitive skin. It can be layered, alternated, or used in combination with our other creams and serums.

    Read more about the Skin Saviour Cream, here.

    2. Everybody Cream is the perfect body cream for almost everybody

      Everybody Cream is so named because it really suits virtually everyone. That said, we request that if you have sensitive skin, do check the ingredients and ensure you are not sensitive to any of them, and always start with a sample size to be on the safe side. 

      For the body, a heavier cream is required than on the face, and Everybody Cream fits that bill perfectly. It is the one product that is a must to have on hand for babies and children, for the relief of minor irritations and abrasions, to moisturise the body after bathing, and for all ages to nourish, protect and soothe dry, stressed skin.

      For many, it will continue to be the perfect face cream. For virtually everybody, it is the perfect body cream.

      3. Skin Saviour Cream is designed for the delicate skin of the face, neck and eye

        The delicate skin around the eye needs special care. Because the skin here is thinner than on other parts of the face and, in addition, lacks sebaceous glands, it is the first part of our face to show signs of ageing (read more here).

        Protecting the delicate eye area from UV light and other sources of free radicals while delivering potent doses of antioxidants is key to slowing down collagen loss (read more here).

        At the same time, using products that are free of fragrances, essential oils and other potential irritants is important as the thin skin around the eyes will react more strongly than other parts of the face. 

        Until the introduction of Skin Saviour Cream, our 3 serums were the first choice for use as an eye moisturiser - our Everybody Cream, although suitable in every other respect, is too heavy for most people to use in this area.

        The Skin Saviour Cream, with its light texture, now steps in as a more protective alternative to our serums for the delicate skin of both eye and neck. To apply to the eye area, take a dab of cream, share it between two fingers, and tap lightly on the skin below the eye, outer eye corners and along the brow. For neck, take a third of a pea-sized amount of cream, and apply to moistened skin using light, upward motions.

        We would love you to experience the purity and nourishing power of both our Everybody Cream and our Skin Saviour Cream. If your skin is sensitive, we recommend starting with a sample size, just to be on the safe side.

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