Introducing Our New Product: Skin Saviour Cream

Introducing Our New Product: Skin Saviour Cream

Long-term Mokosh followers know that we rarely introduce a new product to our certified organic range, which is why we are delighted to announce our latest addition - Skin Saviour Cream.

We created it because of repeated requests from our customers for two specific products (see below).

In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining a multi-purpose and streamlined range, we were able to fill both requests with this single product.

1) A light, super-nourishing face cream, ideal for sensitive skin

Many of our customers were drawn to Mokosh because our synthetic-free products are the only skin care that can be used by their highly reactive skin. We receive many messages from grateful devotees who at last can experience healthy, glowing skin without intermittent redness and irritation (read more here).

To date, their go-to face cream was our Pure Face & Body Cream, now renamed Everybody Cream, which is essential oil free. For some, this product is too heavy for the face, and best suited for the body. These customers needed a light, super-nourishing cream, with nutrient content on a par with our other 2 face creams, the Rich and Light Face Creams.

Our mission was to formulate Skin Saviour Cream using ultra-light, extra soothing, yet highly nutritious oils that offered enhanced calming benefits for our growing numbers of customers with sensitive skin. All the ingredients in this product are renowned for their soothing, nourishing and barrier-building properties. The cream has a lovely mousse-like texture and absorbs into the skin rapidly, leaving the skin feeling plump and replenished.

2) An eye and neck cream concentrate

The other request we often receive is for an eye cream. Until now, our Raspberry, Elderberry and Bakuchiol Serums have been our recommendations for the delicate skin around the eyes. The Skin Saviour Cream creates an additional option. It is a more protective alternative to our serums - it is highly nourishing, yet sinks rapidly into the thin and delicate skin around the eyes and of the neck. 

What skin types should use our Skin Saviour Cream?

Sensitive skin types should use Skin Saviour Cream when they have combination or normal skin. When skin is dry, most would be better suited to Everybody Cream.

The Skin Saviour Cream is lighter in texture than the Everybody Cream (formerly Pure Face & Body Cream) and the Rich Face Cream. It is similar in texture to the Light Face Cream.

But use of the Skin Saviour Cream should not be restricted to sensitive skin types! If you prefer a product without added fragrance, and have combination or normal skin, the Skin Saviour Cream is a super-luxurious product that your skin will love.

Skin Saviour Cream can be used as an eye and neck cream by all skin types, except oily skin. Oily skin types should use our lighter serums - Elderberry Serum or Raspberry Serum.

How can I incorporate Skin Saviour Cream into my routine?

We recommend using our face creams as the final step of your skin care routine. Skin Saviour Cream should be used in the same way, but can also be applied to the delicate skin of the eyes and neck.

1) Cleanse - using our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil

2) Tone - spritz our Pure Hydrosol Toner over skin and neck

3) Nourish -  take a few drops of one of our water-free serums (choose according to your skin type) and massage lightly over the skin.

4) Protect - take a half pea-sized amount of Skin Saviour Cream and press lightly onto the skin of the face and neck. Use a finger to dab lightly onto the skin below the eyes and on the brow. Take a small dab, melt between the fingers and apply to the neck using light upward strokes.

Depending on your skin’s needs, you may prefer to moisturise with serum or cream alone, or alternate use of the serum and cream between morning and night.

If you have sensitive skin, we strongly recommend starting out with a sample size of our Skin Saviour Cream. Although we have formulated this product with sensitive skin in mind, any ingredient can trigger a reaction - it is just not possible to predict who may react. So please start small to be on the safe side.

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