Dry Skin

Your skin needs a gentle yet deeply nourishing routine that restores and protects your skin barrier while delivering abundant nutrients.

Morning Routine


Our Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil will deep cleanse the skin and pores whilst replenishing the skin's barrier. It leaves skin soft and hydrated, and fully prepared for our nutritious moisturisers to follow.


With anti-inflammatory properties and a pH of around 5, our gentle Pure Hydrosol Toner helps restore the skin’s acid mantle. It also makes the ideal aqueous base on which to apply our water-free moisturisers.


Our Raspberry & Pomegranate Serum is readily absorbed and deeply nourishing. This highly bioactive concentrate offers potent nutrition at a cellular level.


Apply our Rich Face Cream (very dry skin) or our Light Face Cream (less dry skin) over your serum. If your skin is sensitive, opt for the Pure Face & Body Cream because it contains no essential oils or added fragrances. If makeup is worn, some choose to skip the cream in the morning. Apply our Lip Balm as needed throughout the day.

Evening Routine


If makeup is worn, we recommend double cleansing with the Makeup Remover & Oil Cleansing Oil. The first cleanse dissolves away makeup and the second ensures you thoroughly remove the day's build up of dirt, pollutants and impurities from skin and pores.


Follow with a mist of our Pure Hydrosol Toner. It will calm the skin while restoring the acid mantle. It makes the ideal aqueous base on which to apply our water-free moisturisers.


Bakuchiol has anti-ageing benefits similar to retinol - without the dryness and irritation. Apply our Bakuchiol Revival Serum in the evening to help restore collagen while you sleep.


Follow with a deeply nourishing Face Cream to help repair and restore the skin while you sleep. We recommend the Rich Face Cream for mature and very dry skin, Light Face Cream for skin that is less dry, and our Pure Face & Body Cream for sensitive skin.

The 1:5 Rule

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Dry Skin FAQs

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is almost always caused by poor skin barrier function. If not managed well, dry skin can easily become inflamed and irritable. Dry skin may be a natural tendency, or due to overuse of soap or harsh cleansers, hormonal imbalances, or dietary deficiencies. It may also be a result of accelerated ageing from exposure to UV light or pollutants.

Why has my skin become drier with age?

This is completely normal. As we age our skin naturally becomes thinner and drier. 

It becomes thinner because of a gradual loss of collagen, elastin and matrix from the dermis, and drier because of a drop in the production of both sebum and the ceramides, which are important components of the skin’s lipid barrier. 

What can I do to prevent flakiness and tightness?

Avoid: Detergent cleansers, harsh scrubs, alcohol and common irritants like fragrances, emulsifiers & preservatives.

Embrace: Gentle cleansing, calming toners, nourishing serums, protective creams, and fragrance-free options. Finally, ensure your moisturiser contains good quantities of barrier-restoring essential fatty acids.

I've tried so many creams and lotions to help soothe my dry skin - what makes Mokosh different?

Regular creams and lotions contain 50-80% water - this means they contain as little as 20% moisturising content. Mokosh creams are completely water-free, making them up to 5x more potent than regular creams. The absence of water also means they do not need any of the synthetic ingredients that must be added to water-containing products to make them stable, and may also be problematic for the skin. And finally, they are specially formulated with the essential fatty acids known to restore and protect the skin's barrier - the key to healthy, glowing skin!

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